Installation of PEARLSNOW


Level the soil layer, remove stones and obstacles, and it is necessary to compact and reinforce the soil layer after leveling.

Afterwards, use geo-grid and gravel layer to reinforce the leveled soil layer. The Geo non-woven fabric should be lay on top of the compact gravel layer for velcro hooks attaching .

It is suggested consulting relevant project engineering companies to create a soil layer reinforcement of slope.

Prevent water loss, landslip and other dangers influencing the safety of ski resort.


If rainwater cannot be drained, it will affect the stability of soil as well as accumulation of water will influence the use of Pearlsnow, especially at the lowest position of the slope and at the end of each Pearlsnow. Therefore, it is suggested to dig a drainage pipe with gravel every 10 meters, to drain away water which comes from the surface of Pearlsnow. Water can be reused in the spray device after being collected and filtered. If it is necessary, a waterproof geomembrane cloth can be laid until each drainage pipe. It is suggested consulting relevant engineering companies to make arrangements in dewatering and drainage if unfamiliar.


Geogrid can be used depending on the subsoil of the ski-slope to create stability.


When you choose to use ‘no shockabsorber’ you need a geogrid with non woven textile under the pearlsnow. The Velcro hooks on the backing of the Pearlsnow will attach to the textile

When you choose to use a shockabsorber, the Velcro hooks on the backing of the Pearlsnow will attach to the textile of the shockabsorber


The 3 m strips PEARLSNOW must be rolled out. Be careful that compounds are well connected.

screws every 66cm

average ski slope ski gradient: 20°

The interval of thermal expansion shall be obliged while laying.

Installing on 0°C: An expansion space of 1 cm at the end of each mat

Installing on 20°C: An expansion space of 0,5 cm at the end of each mat


Different fixing methods can be selected according to different base structures.

1) If the base is a compact ground slope, first lay geogrid non-woven (or a shockabsorber with geogrid non-woven), then use 3 steel rebar every square meter. 

Then drill screw pins to the pre-made holes on Pearlsnow surface to the soil, with distance of 66 cm on both edges, to ensure the stability of the system.

If the ground layer is not stable, more screw pins can be used for fixing.

2) If the base is a wood structure, use stainless steel screws.

3) If the base is a steel plate structure, use a stainless steel self-drilling screws.

4) If the base is a concrete structure, it is suggested laying metal plates first and then screwing.


Free-style areas: 4 cm shockabsorber under the carpet.

Special pins (10 pc/m²) to attach the carpet with shock-absorber to the subsoil


Install a galvanized profile around the Pearlsnow surface to protect damaging and prevent stealing

Artificial grass gives a nice look as surrounding bottom finish.