How much costs Pearlsnow?

The price depends on your location and quantity you buy. Target price of 100 €/m² for bigger projects in Europe

Can we buy Pearlsnow per square metre ?

The standard length of Pearlsnow is 3 m (on 1 m width) . We pack 3 pearlsnow mats in one roll.

Can we install 'Pearlsnow' ourselves?

Yes, but follow our instructions carefully.

What are the goals of a 'pearlsnow' ski slope?

All projects require a beginners area, but intermediate run and even a 'free-style' area would be advisable.

Can we perform our 'pearlsnow' project in steps and expand it later?

The whole project is likely to make the best impression, than just part of it.

'Pearlsnow' requires special ski equipment?

No, skiers and snowboarders can use same ski equipment currently used in alpine environments

'Pearlsnow' causes undue wear to skis and snowboards?

The  smooth pearls on Pearlsnow will decrease wear

Is a misting system necessary?

No, thanks to the ingenious smooth pearls, glide goes perfect even without mist!

Can you ski or snowboard on Pearlsnow if it is covered with frost?

Only a competent snow sporter can handle this special situation.

Can you ski or snowboard on Pearlsnow if it is covered with snow?

Yes you can. The snow will attach on pearlsnow surface

Pearlsnow : environmentally friendly?

Yes, It has no negative effect on the environment, because Pearlsnow is inert.

Can we use slalom poles on Pearlsnow?

Yes you can, then we use 'pre-drilled holes'

Can we put demarcation lines in Pearlsnow?

Yes , use 'water soluble paint' to make demarcation lines for beginners or competitions

Why does Pearlsnow has a better 'grip on edge' than any other material?

The ingeneering plastic pearls give much more resistance then any other carpet

Why glides Pearlsnow better than other brands of synthetic materials ?

Because the small pearls are made from a special ingeneering plastic with the lowest friction on the market!

Can we use Pearlsnow for many years ?

Yes,  we add UV additives to improve long term outside properties.

Can worn mats of Pearlsnow be replaced?

Yes, Worn pieces of 1 m wide, could be replaced easily. Look at the pictures ‘installing’

How much electrical power to install for a Pearlsnow project?

30 Kw for a Doppelmayr button lift on a main slope. But you don’t need any power for misting or cooling!

Can I use a snowcat, with snow on top of the Pearlsnow?

With 30 cm compacted snow on the pearlsnow, the mat is protected for damage by 'snowcats'

Do you have a special beginners slope?

Yes! It is the same basic mat without the pearls, so snow plough movements are easy to learn.

Do you have a special mat for "tubing" or for the lift track?

Yes! The Pearlslide is more stiff, so gliding and durability is even better.