About us

Our company   ”POOLHEATER” is engaged in ENERGY SOLUTIONS.

We started in February 2004. We developed a high quality solar collector. The sun heats the swimming pools with our products,all over Europe.  We have production in Germany.  In 2006 we started a production line in China.

We specialise in developing innovative products to save energy . Last years we developped a new concept of a synthetic ski-mat with two companies who are specialized in ski business for over 20 years . We elaborate with a chinese company to manufacture this product with European technologies .

This Chinese company has experience in developing carpets in extrusion and injection and assembing for over 25 years

Our policy:

We want to give good information about the properties and possibilities of the Pearlsnow

We are continually getting feedback information from customers all over the world. So we can adapt suggestions , and improve our product.

In that case, everyone can  have a real sense of snow.

Act local, think global

Go for quality and durability

Lower your foodprint