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Pictures & video can be found below.

General remarks:

  • the customer needs to choose between one of the top layers in advance:
    1. Pearlslide for snowboarding skiing and tubing
    2. Vinyl floor for mountain bike, BMX
    3. plastic sheet for body gliding
  • the Pearljump needs a horizontal flat surface of 30m x 9m (10 m high);
  • the pearljump is forbidden under 12 years;
  • soap and water are allowed for the descent;
  • setting up the Pearljump takes 4 hours with 4 men, packing up also takes 4 hours with 4 men. We provide 1 installer in this price;
  • the customer provides 2 tapping points for electricity (230 volts 16A);
  • Pearlsnow or Poolheater BVBA is not responsible for any accidents;
  • wear and tear is normal and must not be payed; abnormal damage caused by, for example, sharp objects must be payed;
  • protective clothing is mandatory (gloves, helmet, appropriate clothing ...);
  • the event organizer is responsible for permits, music tax, ...
  • the terrain must be good accessible by car (no pasture or mud);
  • the customer needs to specify the starting hour of the activity. We count 5 hours building up before the activity starts;
  • we provide no ski's, snowboards or boots

Contract conditions:

  • 2 tubings are available;
  • advertising banners are provided to reduce the price;
  • transport is not included: costs are € 1 per km from Schilde (near Antwerp). For example Brussels, 50 km and 50 km back: 100 €
  • the installer (also coordinator) remains present during the event;
  • the reservation is complete at the digital booking via the SetMore link and the payment of € 1000 in advance on our account with mention of the SetMore booking code;
  • the reservation can not be canceled within a week before the reserved date;
  • the total amount must be paid at least 7 days before the reserved date;


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