Pearlsnow is an ski carpet, which is designed for winter sports, and can be used all year round!

Climate change clearly shows the impact on the snowfall with the consequent reduction of the snow days.

The slow but inexorable warming is an indisputable fact. The rising temperatures, leads to a decrease of snowfall, especially in the lower mountain areas. Many ski resorts suffer from the lack of snow, causing a serious impact on the economic level.

The opening of the winter sports season is increasingly delayed until suitable snow thickness. The best example is the winter 2015/2016 with temperatures up to 20°C in December in the Alps.

We use only environmentally friendly materials and plastics which can be re-used.

The high technical properties of this plastic product is the result of successful synergy between research and development.

With the knowledge and experience of European companies and the synergy of technical and practical knowledge of experts in the ski resort, we create a unique product of its kind.

Pearlsnow achieves the same performance and the same feeling you experience on real snow. A more perfect skiing at any temperature or altitude. A delight for all skiers, a dream for any operator of a ski slope. The advantage for the skier is the possibility to use the same sports equipment for its activities, like on real snow in winter.

The innovative idea is:  pearls in random position on the carpet, are carefully put in place, in order to reproduce the feeling of smoothness but also grip, like natural snow. 

Pearlsnow exhibits no thermal expansion, thanks to the revolutionary, woven bottom structure. The individual mats can be fixed to each other, without any change in the surface. This makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous and continuous surface without interruptions or obstacles.

Pearlsnow was developed for hot and dry weather, as to be used under cold, dry and wet conditions, while maintaining the elastic properties and strength.

Pearlsnow has been specifically designed to replace the snow in all areas where the use of artificial snow, in terms of time and cost, has become unsustainable: arrival areas, crossings and connecting paths. But of course, big areas for skiing are possible.