• freestyle skiing is possible!

    Freestyle skiing is possible!

    Thanks to a strong carpet with 4 cm shock absorber

  • Have fun together!

    Have fun together!

    No holes in the carpet: you can't break your fingers!

  • a low friction

    Pearlsnow: for skiing and snowboarding!

  • Pearlsnowfeels like real snow

    'Pearlsnow' feels like real snow

  • Pearlslide: for lift trails, tubing and jumps

    Pearlslide: for lift trails, tubing and jumps

  • Dreamsnow: to learn your first steps on skiing and snowboarding

    Dreamsnow: to learn your first steps on skiing and snowboarding

Pearlsnow: a synthetic carpet which gives you a real snow sensation

  • Grip and counter force?

    Grip and counter force?
    The white synthetic mat looks like snow. The mat has no holes: in contrast with most other brands. The shiny pearls on top make the difference. Grip and counterforce with “pearlsnow”!
  • Durability?

    “pearlsnow” is made from several "ingeneering plastics". Hard pearls on top of the carpet : more impact strength. Our mat has a strong backing structure: to promote durability.
  • Safety!

    Safety is a priority! Your fingers won't break when you fall. Your fingers are safe because there are no holes in this product! Falling won’t hurt due to the resiliency of 30 mm mat thickness. An extra 40 mm shock absorber can be installed under the carpet for freestyle skiing. Protective clothing is advisable!
  • Friction?

    “pearlsnow” has the best gliding properties on the world market. 'To slide' starts at an angle of 6°, but at an angle of 15° for most other brands. Less friction means less wear of your skis!
  • "Misting system"?

    "Misting system"?
    All other synthetic mats for skiing have a "misting" system or silicone. “pearlsnow” has no mist system: it prevents that water or chemicals are wasted. The natural ground structure stays the same
  • Low investment

    Low investment
    A snowdome will cost 1000 € per square meter. This alternative will cost 100 € per square meter. Snowsports are possible all year round ! Enjoy nature outdoor!
  • Energy use

    Energy use
    A low energy consumption is priority! Not only for your budget but also to prevent climate change! Indoor snow halls of 10000 m² have an electricity bill off 500.000 € when they are operating 6 months. Think of the polar bear: by saving energy!
  • Freestyle skiing

    Freestyle skiing
    Install 4 cm shock absorber for 'freestyle'Any snow sport is possible: skiing, snowboarding, "toboganning-tubing" or freestyle skiing.